Youth Faith Formation 14: Retreats

Today was a special Youth Faith Formation meeting. Today, our Youth Faith Formation Leaders spoke to the students about their experiences at retreats and what they got out of them. Albert and Will did most of the talking, about how they deepened their knowledge of scripture, how they bonded with [...]

Youth Faith Formation 13: Young Love

A lot of the youth have questions and issues and concerns about love and relationships. This is not something new. This is the youth’s natural time to be curious, to be testing boundaries, to be exploring. So we took the time today to talk about being curious without encountering danger; [...]

Youth Faith Formation 12: Fishers of Men

We’re all excited about the new year, and there are going to be many opportunities for us to strengthen our faith and our bond with each other through events and retreats. First, we made a list of friends who we may want to invite, either to church or to special [...]

Youth Faith Formation 11: Korean Catholic Youth Day

Twenty members of our parish, students, youth leaders, and chaperones, attended Korean Catholic Youth Day 2014 at Servite High School in Anaheim yesterday. In our Youth Faith Formation class today, those who attended shared their experiences and their feelings with those who weren’t able to make it, we gave thanks [...]

Youth Faith Formation 10: Golden Oldies Nativity

We’ve been spending the past month working on our Christmas Show, which will include the story of the Nativity told in song. Here is the script.   A Golden Oldies Nativity Play ERIN will take her place center stage. FRANCIS will begin playing the piano intro to Lionel Richie & [...]

Youth Faith Formation 9: Poverty

Yesterday, on Saturday, November 16, many people (including our youth) gathered at our church to make food packages for poor children, and today was a good opportunity to reflect on poverty around the world and what it means to be a victim of poverty. We talked about the “Report Card [...]

Youth Faith Formation 8: Picnic

Thank you to Sanctus for taking all the Youth Faith Formation out for a picnic! While at the park, lucky observers were able to witness an ancient Korean mating ritual, where a ball is placed high in a tree and the males take turns to try to retrieve the ball, [...]

Youth Faith Formation 7: Idols

We know that one of the ten commandments commands us to have no other gods beside our God, and not to make ourselves idols or likenesses to worship. We discussed exactly how the Israelites must have felt when their leader, Moses, had been away for so long, and their God [...]

Youth Faith Formation 6: For The Time Being

We’re afraid we can’t reveal too much about what happened in class today, because we’ve decided to start the planning early for a Christmas show, and it’s kind of a secret. What we can reveal is that our show will be somewhat based on a Christmas Oratorio by W.H. Auden [...]

Youth Faith Formation 5: Mission

Today is World Mission Sunday, and this year’s theme is “Do Good on Earth” – emphasizing outreach to those in need. Young people have for the past few weeks been preoccupied by the unfolding drama between Miley Cyrus and Sinéad O’Connor, after the latter wrote an open letter to the [...]